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Insights Into the 3PL Market

While at the 2016 CSCMP Annual Conference in September, I got my hands on the recently released 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study. This is the 21st release of this annual study that looks at the 3PL market from both a Shipper and a 3PL viewpoint. I want to highlight a couple of interesting trends and insights… Read More »

Trans4Cast: A Double Dose of Positive News! Employment Gains & Stabilizing Spot Markets

We are starting once again to see some green shoots in the economy and in trucking. This is in contrast to the anecdotal reporting – which is still indicating bad conditions for the freight markets. Can this be reconciled? Yes, but not cleanly. How people feel about something doesn’t always match up with the realities… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: The Truck Market Says a Recession is Coming Soon

Right into the Danger Zone Highway to the Danger Zone Right into the Danger Zone                            – Kenny Loggins Economic recessions are incredibly hard to predict. The next one, even more so, because the Great Recession was so impactful that some economic indicators and industry cycles have yet to return to a “normal” state. This… Read More »

Trans4Cast: Employment is Strong, Why isn’t Freight?

The employment numbers for February came out last Friday, and the numbers looked good. U.S. businesses added another 242,000 jobs in February, an improvement over the 172,000 added in January. The monthly numbers are volatile but if you average the recent months you get monthly gains of 228,000 over the last 3 months, 235,000 over… Read More »

The Wires are Humming with Regulatory Change

Commentary by FTR Partner and Senior Economist, Noël Perry As expected the FMCSA has announced publication of its long-awaited electronic logging devices (ELD) rules.  Although the rules formally take effect now, carriers will have two years before the devices will actually be required.  This timing is consistent with what FTR has been assuming for at… Read More »