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AKE’S TAKE: Is the Gopher Moving From Caution to Confidence?

Economic calamities result in changes in micro-economic behavior which can last for years. My grandfather had accounts at eight different banks, just in case seven of the banks failed; my grandmother dutifully recycled her aluminum foil, 25 years after the Great Depression had ended. People fear that bad times might return, which causes them to… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: A Shot of Confidence

Note: My attempt here is to be as politically neutral as possible.  I’m not commenting on whether the election outcome is positive or negative, just how people are reacting regarding the business climate. There has been a surge in consumer confidence since the election: The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index jumped 6 points from October… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: A One-Legged Economy Starts to Tire

The industrial sectors of the economy recovered stronger and faster than the consumer sectors coming out of the Great Recession.  This was unusual, but it does make sense in retrospect.  Think of the industrial sector as being more rational, and the consumer sector as being more emotional. The industrial sector expected the economy to recover… Read More »