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FTR Completes Annual Commercial Vehicle Forecast Accuracy Report

FTR has finalized truck and trailer builds for 2016 and completed its annual CV Forecast Accuracy Report. The report details the accuracy of FTR’s 2016 Commercial Vehicle forecasts from January 2014 through December 2016 and covers Class 8 trucks, commercial trailers and Class 4-7 (medium duty) trucks. The analysis also shows the accuracy results of the FTR 2014 and 2015 forecasts.


Fleet Owner | Trailer Orders Should Continue Increasing in 2017

Research firm FTR Transportation Intelligence reported similar April net trailer order data of 20,000 units, down 4% month-over-month but up 26% versus April of 2016. Backlogs fell 2% and are 16% below a year ago; production remained steady from March on a per day basis, noted Don Ake, FTR Vice President of Commercial Vehicles, in a statement.


FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index for March Falls in Spite of Positive Economic Environment

FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) for March fell back to a reading of 2.97 after an upturn in February. However, as detailed in the May issue of the Trucking Update, FTR sees the recent steady improvement in spot rates as an indication that a market-wide move to capacity tightness is on the way with a correlating upswing in the index throughout 2017 and into 2018. FTR remains confident in the freight market for 2017, as we started the year off with strong growth in Q1. Their forecast has moderated somewhat for the regulatory headwinds affecting trucking, but still expect them to have significant effect toward the end of 2017 and for most of 2018.


FTR Reports Final Net Trailer Orders Hold Steady in April Continuing with Strong Year over Year Comparisons

FTR reports final April net trailer orders at 20,000 units, down 4% m/m but up 26% versus a year ago.  April trailer order activity continued the strong year over year comparisons, with orders holding steady from March.  Fleets are continuing to place orders for second-half 2017 delivery with dealer orders also brisk for the month.  Dry van order activity was down marginally from April and refrigerated vans orders also eased off a bit.    Trailer orders have totaled 250,000 units for the past twelve months.  Backlogs fell 2% and are 16% below a year ago; production remained steady from March on a per day basis.


FTR Announces Registration Open for 13th Annual Transportation Conference

Early-bird registration is open for FTR’s 13th Annual Transportation Conference scheduled for September 12-14 in Indianapolis, IN. FTR’s annual conference is recognized for delivering the most complete and comprehensive outlook on freight transportation in North America. Attendees receive in-depth information from industry leaders on all the surface freight transport modes.  Presentations and panel discussions will cover the economy, freight demand, competition between modes, carrier & shipper behavior, and demand for new transport equipment.

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FTR Reports Class 8 Orders Stay Solid in April at 23,600 Units

FTR releases preliminary Class 8 net orders for April at 23,600 units, maintaining the steady track that started seven months ago.  While OEM activity was modestly better for some and down marginally for others month over month, April orders met expectations with a 4% increase over March and up 77% versus a year ago.  Fleets are expecting better freight conditions in the second half of the year and current order activity reflects that.  Backlogs should increase in April, getting close to where they were a year ago.  Class 8 orders for the past six months now annualize to 262,000 units.


FTR Schedules State of Freight Webinar: Transport Impacts from the Trump Administration

The Trump election has raised some serious economic questions. The U.S. economy has been on a stable, low growth trajectory since early in the recovery. That seems likely to change in 2018.  But the direction of the change remains very opaque. FTR will take a broad look at what has happened so far and what is next on the plate. Join Bill Witte, FTR Economy Expert, and Noël Perry, FTR’s Transportation Expert, for some insights during this webinar scheduled for Thursday, May 11th, at 11 a.m. EDT.


FTR’s Shippers Conditions Index for February Reflects a Somewhat Benign Environment Ahead of Expected Capacity Tightening

FTR’s Shippers Conditions Index (SCI) for January, as detailed in the March Issue of the Shippers Update, reflects a more challenging environment for shippers as 2017 gets underway with a -3.6 reading.  While capacity is tightening, shippers should be optimistic that regulatory drag will likely be slowed under the new Republican president and congress.  However, solid economic growth forecasts in the 2.5% range for 2017 are expected to increase overall costs for shippers.