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AKE’S TAKE: Is the Gopher Moving From Caution to Confidence?

Economic calamities result in changes in micro-economic behavior which can last for years. My grandfather had accounts at eight different banks, just in case seven of the banks failed; my grandmother dutifully recycled her aluminum foil, 25 years after the Great Depression had ended. People fear that bad times might return, which causes them to… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: Boxers, Briefs, and Flatbed Trailers

How are men’s underwear sales similar to the flatbed trailer market? In the 1970s, former Fed chairman Allan Greenspan developed the “Men’s Underwear Index” as an economic indicator. The theory is that increases in men’s underwear sales signal an economic recovery. The logic is that men will forgo replacing their haggard shorts during a tough… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: The Truck Market Says a Recession is Coming Soon

Right into the Danger Zone Highway to the Danger Zone Right into the Danger Zone                            – Kenny Loggins Economic recessions are incredibly hard to predict. The next one, even more so, because the Great Recession was so impactful that some economic indicators and industry cycles have yet to return to a “normal” state. This… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: A Bumpy Landing for Class 8 Trucks

Class 8 truck orders for Q4 are down 46% versus last year. The market that looked so strong just a few months ago, has taken a pronounced downturn recently. Production rates are falling and OEMs are laying off thousands of workers. What is happening, and why is it happening now? Industry and financial experts started… Read More »

Mixed Signals in the Truck and Trailer Markets

The economy continues to send mixed signals. You look at some indicators and things look good. However, other important indicators signal doom is right around the corner. It is a mixed-bag; it is mumbo-jumbo; it is a dog’s breakfast of economic proportions. And we see that contradiction when we examine Class 8 truck and commercial… Read More »