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AKE’S TAKE: Super Gridlock is Super Good for Business

A panelist at the recent FTR Transportation Conference reminded us that businesses like it when the government stays out of “their business.” He said companies were benefiting from the new “hands off” environment. He claimed this had improved business confidence, and, more importantly, business performance. We have seen these conditions before, usually when power in… Read More »

Trans4Cast – Hurricanes: Production Impacts and The Recovery

Industrial Production figures for August came out on Friday and the topline news wasn’t positive. Nor should you have expected it to be. Hurricane Harvey shut down a major industrial center for nearly 2 weeks and had impacts that spread out both before and after it. That means that August production was impacted for at… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: Step Right Up and Pick Your Favorite Economic Indicator

Pick an indicator, any indicator… Flatbed Freight I recently attended a conference for flatbed fleets owners. These small business owners are extremely bullish on flatbed freight in the second half of the year. Their rosy business outlook mirrors some of the small business confidence surveys that have been reported. This is significant, because flatbed trailers… Read More »

AKE’S TAKE: Who Let the Economic Dogs Out?

The Great Recession was devastating to the U.S. economy. At its worst point, 9 million people were unemployed and the average household income fell more than 8%. In addition, the U.S. government took drastic action to prevent the financial system from collapsing. The people hurt the most by this recession were the risk-takers. There were… Read More »