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Trans4Cast: This is the Slow Season?

Wait…This is the slow time for the shipping industry? Today we’re going to take a look at one of the metrics you see on a weekly basis, the Market Demand Index. The MDI was designed to give us a high level gauge of the supply and demand of the trucking industry. An MDI between 15… Read More »

Ake’s Take: Christmas Lights Shine for a Bright Economy

An unusual economic indicator that I track is “Outdoor Christmas Lights” (OCLs). OCLs are a coincidental economic indicator, providing information about the current state of the economy. This indicator is only relevant when the economy is getting weaker or growing stronger, and its measurement is highly subjective – more observational than measurable. Also, it is… Read More »

Ake’s Take: Commercial Equipment & the “Trump Bump”

Note: This content first appeared in Global Trailer Magazine and was written for a foreign audience.  However, it does give a broad overview of the factors that have influenced commercial vehicle sales this year. The unexpected election of Donald Trump has caused a great deal of political turmoil in the United States. However, the area… Read More »

Ake’s Take: Don’t Get Too Giddy About GDP Just Yet

GDP has been above 3% for two straight quarters! Business people are giddy with excitement, as business conditions and confidence are at their highest level since the Great Recession. CEOs all the way down to factory workers are hopeful the economy has broken through seven years of the slow-growth recovery and will get even better… Read More »

Monday Morning Coffee: Economy Trend Continues Through 2017

Welcome to FTR’s “Monday Morning Coffee “ blog. The following article is designed to keep busy executives up to date with the latest economic data releases. Released every Monday, this blog promises to keep our clientele updated with the latest weekly economic news and developments, highlighting its impact on the transportation, freight, and equipment markets.… Read More »