Equipment Focus

FTR has been forecasting demand for commercial vehicle and railcar since its formation over twenty years ago and is considered the premier forecasting firm for the transportation equipment markets.

Equipment professionals apply FTR's industry leading indicators and forecasts to their internal planning, forecasting, and market analysis. FTR gives you the confidence to not only plan for the future, but communicate and defend your plans and forecasts to the C-Suite.

Truck & Trailer Outlook

Truck & Trailer Outlook $8600

Anyone who has been in the commercial vehicle market knows that it endures large swings in production. Knowing how to understand and manage this risk is essential for suppliers preparations. FTR doesn't just give you the most up-to-date numbers, but also provides independent analysis to help you understand the risks and opportunities available in the market.
Rail Equipment Outlook

Rail Equipment Outlook $10300

Whether you are buying or building new railcars, companies need to be able to identify trends and turn those into opportunities for growth in the market. Only FTR combines a strong understanding of freight demand with expertise in railcar equipment to produce the most comprehensive outlook available.
Equipment Focus Bundle

Equipment Focus Bundle $16500

FTR's Equipment Focus Bundle provides data and analysis for the manufacture of components for commercial vehicle trucks, trailers and railcars. The bundle includes access to our Truck & Trailer Outlook, Rail Equipment Outlook and all databases, and provides at least 10% savings off the total cost.
Truck Dealer Market Report

Truck Dealer Market Report $1195

Created specifically for truck dealers to keep you up-to-date with the current truck market and forecasts for the future. You benefit from this report by 1) serving your customers better by communicating to them current and future market conditions, and 2) enhancing your ability to plan for the future of your business by understanding truck demand and movement of the broader economy. --This report is only available for purchase by Truck Dealers. Verification of Truck Dealer status must be confirmed before access to the report is granted.
Trailer Dealer Market Report

Trailer Dealer Market Report $995

U.S. Trailer Analysis & Outlook for Trailer Dealers: No one has better data or knows more about the commercial trailer market than FTR. Now we have taken our specific trailer information and analysis and concentrated it in one report. It is designed specifically for trailer dealers, to keep you up to date with the current trailer market so you can better serve your customers. --This report is only available for purchase by Trailer Dealers. Verification of Trailer Dealer status must be confirmed before access to the report is granted.