Intermodal Dash

The Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast™ platform provides you with control over data critical to your business. View all of the essential information on the North American intermodal situation, including: volume trends by traffic lane, trends in equipment type and size, trends in imports and exports by port region and much more. 

FTR’s Intel•cast™ platform is a completely new way to view market analysis and forecasting data. Starting with the Intermodal Dash, each surface mode of transportation is being integrated into its own dashboard with market trends and both historical and outlook data. Each dashboard contains tabs with commentary, interactive graphs, as well as the downloadable reports and data files that are already standard.

View this video for an overview of the Intermodal Dash and Intel•cast™ Platform, or scroll down to compare the different subscriber levels available for the Intermodal Dash. 


Intermodal Dash - Standard $4500

Identifying Opportunities for Growth through the Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast™ platform.

Companies involved in intermodal need to be able to readily identify where growth is occurring and what type of equipment is moving. FTR's Intermodal Dash on the Intel•cast™ platform provides hard data and the concise analysis within an interactive format that allows you to quickly get the precise business intelligence you need most.

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