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FTR Trucking Conditions Index for June Reflects Peak Capacity Issues

FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) for June, basically unchanged from May at a reading of 11.18, is a reflection of trucking capacity that remains very tight. Conditions for truckers are at their most favorable during this period and through July with capacity crunch at its peak. In the second half of the year, there will be some stabilization due to added capacity and productivity enhancements in the segment; however, trucking conditions will remain very strong over the next year or more, with TCI levels through the period above 2017 readings.

Details of the June TCI are found in the August issue of FTR’s Trucking Update, published July 28, 2018. The ‘Notes by the Dashboard Light’ section in the current issue discusses how a tight labor market could stifle growth because businesses cannot fill positions that are needed. Along with the TCI and ‘Notes by the Dashboard Light,’ the Trucking Update includes data and analysis on load volumes, the capacity environment, rates, costs, and the truck driver situation.

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