Shippers Update [Premium]

Shippers Update [Premium]

Annual Subscription; Published Monthly

Essential Outlooks for Shippers on Freight Volumes, Transport Costs, and Capacity

The Shippers Update provides a comprehensive, multi-modal view of U.S. freight transportation. FTR expects conditions to remain challenging from a shipper perspective. Impacts from regulations, freight growth, and driver shortages are only a few of the many challenges facing the industry. Only FTR quantifies these impacts on shipper economics and gives clear expectations about the future, including forecasts for rates and capacity.

Exclusive Source for Capacity Utilization Within Trucking, Rail, and Intermodal, and FTR's Unique Shippers Conditions Index

Shipping professionals utilize FTR's industry leading indicators, forecasts and analysis, applying this information to their internal planning, forecasting, and market analysis. FTR's Best-in-Class status gives you the confidence to not only plan for the future, but communicate and defend your plans and forecasts to the C-Suite.


  • Shippers Conditions Index | FTR's exclusive index summarizing the status of shipping conditions at a glance.
  • Outlooks and data for freight volumes and demand.
  • Outlooks and data for all of the essential ground freight transportation modes: trucking, rail, intermodal.
  • The regulatory agenda and it’s impact on freight transportation. Only FTR quantifies this impact.
  • The driver supply situation, including leading data on the driver shortage.
  • Utilizing our partnership with, FTR is leading the revolution in quantifying and forecasting spot market rates. Learn more >

"We reference the Shippers Update and other FTR Freight Focus reports frequently. The Shippers Update is a great piece of the overall puzzle. 20 people in our company read it like the newspaper. It is a strong litmus for supply chain operations. So much data, when it comes to your desk, has to answer 'so what does it mean to me?' and FTR does that."

2015 Shipping transportation cost information

Successful Shippers Plan for Fluctuating Freight Transportation Cycles

Successful shippers need to have clear expectations about the future of freight transportation and when to adjust their strategies.  As the leaders in freight forecasting, FTR has the industry insights to provide this information.

Understanding the outlook for freight volumes, transport costs, and capacity helps you to think strategically about whether your transportation systems are either flexible enough to adjust as volumes, capacity, and rates fluctuate, or are durable enough to survive fluctuations.

Evidence-Based Outcomes: The FTR forecasting model, Freight•cast, is based on hard evidence and dynamic economic variables providing the most disciplined reporting and analysis. The Shippers Update provides FTR subscribers reliable and accurate outlooks year after year, which support your own internal forecasting and planning. Learn more > 

Include Freight Transportation as Part of Your Company's Strategic Discussion

Only FTR connects the dots between the U.S. macro economy and the micro economies of freight transportation, and provides outlooks for where trucking, rail, and intermodal are headed. This data and analysis helps you answer questions such as:

  • What is the overall state of freight demand?
  • From energy to construction, capacity can shift quickly away from sectors, could your business be affected? 
  • What are the effects of impending regulations?
  • What is the fuel pricing situation, and how might it affect costs and rates?
  • We are approaching the longest recovery in modern U.S. history. Does this recovery have staying power? Are there any bubbles in the macro economy? What are the risks which could trigger a recession?

FTR's Senior Macro-Economist, Bill Witte, has won 10 awards since 2005, including Best Overall Forecast by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2012 & 2014.

  • Database is available with history and forecast for data presented in the report.
  • Historical & forecasted carloadings and intermodal loadings database going back to 1992
  • Database updated every month
  • Database is distributed in Microsoft Excel format

To view a sample of data files please contact FTR at or (888) 988-1699 ext. 1.

If you wish to receive the Report ONLY and not the database, you can view the Standard version of this report by visiting

Subscriber Benefits

  • WEBINARS -- Complimentary access to FTR's "State of Freight" webinars held throughout the year. These webinars feature FTR staff discussing the current economy, trucking, rail, and intermodal situations.
  • SUPPORT -- Product support is provided to help users get the most out of their subscription.
  • USERS -- 5 free accounts/users are associated with each subscription.
  • ONLINE ACCESS -- Report in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format for easy viewing and saving. New report notifications emailed directly to you. Archives of all reports through your 'My Services' webpage.  

FTR Transportation Conference Discounts

  • Subscribers to FTR services receive attendee discounts to FTR's Transportation Conference.
  • The FTR Transportation Conference is the premier forecasting event of the industry offering insights by the worlds most knowledgeable presenters and thought leaders on transportation.

The best way to truly understand a report is to take a moment and read it. Download a sample report now.

Shippers Update

Download SU Sample Report >

To view a sample of data files please contact FTR at or (888) 988-1699 ext. 1.

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The best way to truly understand a report is to take a moment and read it. Download a sample report now.

Shippers Update

Download SU Sample Report >

To view a sample of data files please contact FTR at or (888) 988-1699 ext. 1.

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