Remy, Inc.

01.01.13 | Rick Hehman, Managing Director

"My experience with FTR is extremely positive. Remy subscribes to the Truck & Trailer Outlook and it has become a critical element in our demand planning toolbox. We use both the short term and long term market forecasts as the first level in our market model pyramid that ultimately helps us understand which products to manufacture and inventory to satisfy our customer's ever changing demand. What I especially like about the Outlook report is that the data is presented consistently with effective charts and tables ----- I can quickly find what I am looking for since it is located in the same place every issue. In addition to the published report, the FTR team is very responsive and approachable when we call them directly with questions about the data or about changing market conditions. Finally, we appreciate the economic data table available online. Eric and his team do all the work by combining key macroeconomic data which makes it easy for us to track key indicators without having to go to multiple published sources. It is a pleasure to work with the FTR Team!"


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